October 13, 2011

Going to Visit a Piece of My Heart

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted. Life's been busy and priorities have been focused elsewhere. One thing I've been doing is learning to design websites in WordPress so my brain cells have been happy.

Thought I'd jot off a quick few words to share my exciting news.

Tomorrow at this time I will be in the place that has captured my heart more than any other--Haiti. I and two others from my church are flying to Port-au-Prince tomorrow morning. We're heading out for another 10-day short-term mission filled with construction of the vocational school we in March, vacation Bible schools and best of all we'll get to hike again into the mountains to distribute water purification tablets to residents of a rural village. I also hope to connect with old friends...and make new ones.

Here's the school that we broke ground on last March. We spent the entire time digging foundation trenches. This time we'll get to build concrete block walls.
Our team is small...only six of us this time...but I know that though we are few, God is equipping us to be His army. He has prepared the work for us to do. And He knows just where we need to be and whom we need to reach.

Haiti is the one place that breaks my heart for God's people more than any other. The land and the people have captured my heart and a part of it lives there the 345 days I'm back home. My spirit is "right" in Haiti and I feel peace and connectedness in a way I don't at home. To say that I'm excited surely doesn't express the deep longing I have to return.

I am longing to see my Haitian friends, especially my "son" Jude. God crossed our paths and linked our hearts for a reason. I pray I get a deeper understanding of that on this visit. His life is so hard and I feel so powerless to really make much of a difference.

Jude and I.
Our last trip to Haiti was so amazing I know this time will be different, but I trust that God has something new, but just as wonderful in store. Please pray for our team. For our safety. For the work that we'll do. For the people that we'll serve. For the worship that we'll share. For the relationships that we'll deepen. Pray that through it all God is glorified. I especially pray that God shows me how to carry this passion and purpose into the other 345 days of my year. 

Where does your heart break for God's children? 
Where is your "Haiti?" 
What are you doing to get there?