July 3, 2008

Scooté Diem

I’m in love--and its name is Scooty.

Scooty, as in my sister’s new black scooter.

With fuel prices taking on heavenly proportions, urban dwellings hipsters are flocking to this gas sipping mode of locomotion. In my sister’s city you see them at almost every intersection and busy corner—fellow compatriots on a quest for energy efficiency. My sister joined their ranks a month ago.

As soon as she emailed me a picture of her new “baby,” I couldn’t wait to see it—and try it—for myself.

However, “talk” is one thing and “do” is another. I like to think it’s because we were so busy visiting and not because I’m becoming a fuddy-duddy, but I didn’t even think about riding the scooter for days. Then on Sunday, blessed with the perfect intersection of opportunity and desire, I boldly volunteered to go to the bagel store…on the scooter.

After a quick lesson from my sis, I headed cautiously down the street. For the entire 12 blocks to the store, I was a nervous wreck, fearing I’d fall off or crash into something. But on the return trip, my bike riding instincts kicked in and exhilaration replaced the fear.

What fun it was to cruise along the streets of St. Petersburg with the wind in my face. I wasn’t just observing the scenery, I was participating in it. Even though I’m a mid-age mom…and even though, like a dork, I kept forgetting to switch off the turn signal…and even though my top speed was only 32 mph, I felt like a cool dude. Joyful, energized and carefree.

It was a Scooté Diem—“seize the scooter”— kind of moment. And it was the whipped topping to the parfait of my perfect morning: quiet time spent in God’s Word and a brisk, solitary walk along the waterfront all while my sleepyhead family slumbered.

For most of us, it’s a real challenge to maintain an active relationship with God during the summer. Church attendance is way down. Small groups take a break. And between vacations, daytrips, kid-focused schedules (or lack schedules) it’s hard to carve out time quiet time with the Lord.

The great news is God loves to travel. No matter where we are, He’s right there with us. Worship can happen anywhere, anytime: during the thrill of a rollercoaster ride, the solitude of an early morning canoe ride, the majesty of Fourth of July fireworks, the awe of a glorious sunset, the exuberance of bodysurfing the ocean waves or the joy of a multi-generational family reunion.

If we only we seize the moment. And offer it back to Him in praise.

God’s an impeccable travel companion. Don’t put Him on the shelf this summer. Be bold and adventurous. And expect to experience the Almighty in the most unexpected places.

Scooté Diem!


Lisa B @ simply His said...

First a scooter, then before you know it, it'll be a Harley ;)

Congratulations on your ride! The first time I road on the back of a motorcycle my husband rented (after I made him drive up and down the street first to prove he could ride without me on the back) -- we rode on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was so drastically different than riding in a car. Just as you said, we were part of the scenery, the smells, everything going on around us.

We weren't shielded by a car in our own little world. Yes, there's some dangers to riding, but it's been an awesome experience to ride through the country and notice things I've never noticed before. Not to mention the quiet -- no one talking to me or no radio blaring. Awesome time with God!

Now we just need to get you signed up for one of those classes ;)

Cheryl Barker said...

Amen, Kelli - "seize the moment and offer it back to Him in praise". I love that. He's our constant companion. What a great way to live -- breathing prayers to Him throughout the day.

Be blessed!

Peggy said...

Can't believe that you were hesitant to ride, what about the Harley picture and dream that you have????????
Next you will be selling the "Bug" and going on two wheels.
Have a great ride anyway you choose.God will always be right there with you.
Happy 4th!!!!!!
Blessings and Love, Peggy

Katherine said...


I know what you mean. I just returned from Antigua the other day. As I was standing on the rooftop deck overlooking the ocean, I marveled at God's creation. It was absolutely breathtaking!

By the way, the scooter and motorcycle are closely related. With gas prices being the way they are just maybe..... LOL!


Runner Mom said...

OK--I need to see a picture!!! First the convertible and now....a scooter! You go, girlfriend.
Love ya,

danregan said...

Getcher motor runnin'...

A scooter, huh? Well, it's cheaper and more realistic than the Harley dream, I suppose. But, it won't score you any points in Sturgis.

As for the adventure quotient, I've never owned either, but have tried both.

Notably, last spring I piggybacked on a friend's Harley through 100+ miles around Ojai/Santa Barbara, CA and it was great. There really is something to that wind-in-your-face feeling and, even given the narrow, twisty mountain roads, 7,000-foot elevation gains and occassional logging trucks, I never felt unsafe or exposed.

On the other hand, I also drove a rented scooter for a day around Oahu about 20 years ago, including navigating the Pali Highway between the north shore and downtown Honolulu. With the craft barely able to summit the 2,000-foot mountain that stood between sea level and sea level, and trucks, cars and yes motorcycles whizzing by my sister and I putt-putting along at a brisk 34MPH or so (more like 6 at the top of the pass), it was one of only a few days in my life so far that I honestly thought I could die. The flat tire didn't help.

Lesson: there's nothing safer than lots of horsepower. Ride to live, everybody!

Katie said...

Love the picture of you on the scooter! Why aren't you wearing your Harley shirt!?!?

I love those moments where you can just clear your head and focus on God and have no distractions - even if it only lasts a few minutes :)

Oh and by the way - I heard Mustang Sally today in a grocery store!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!