September 22, 2008

A View Through Sarah Palin's Glasses

Since I write a Christian blog and not a political one, I’ve refrained from politicizing my message. But as I’ve written before, if you look hard enough you can find Jesus in the most unlikely places.

So many news stories clamor for our attention right now: the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, the latest institutional casualties in our shaky financial markets and of course the upcoming presidential election.

But one person receiving a lion’s share of the spotlight is Sarah Palin. Since the end of August when John McCain announced the Alaskan governor as his running mate “Sarah Who?” has become a household name. Already she’s been spoofed on Saturday Night Live. As testament to her popularity I searched her name in Google and received 22 MILLION results. That’s more hits than Al Gore who supposedly invented the Internet! There’s no doubt this hockey mom is a one-woman media storm.

But in the midst of the hubbub, there’s one news item you may have missed. In fact, a mini-economic crisis is upon us—and Sarah Palin is at the center of it.

The cause of it all? Her glasses.

Republican, Democrat or independent there’s one issue regarding the vice presidential nominee on which the majority agrees. We love her glasses! I suppose not since Ben Franklin invented bifocals have spectacles captured our fancies so.

Women (and even men) are flocking to their opticians in search of Governor Palin’s Kawasaki 704 series designer specs. In less than two weeks the Japanese company that manufactures the $375 frames received 9,000 global orders. That’s more than they normally produce in a year! I’m no economic analyst but there’s no way supply can meet demand. Backorders abound. According to the Wall Street Journal, manufacturing has shifted to a 24-hour production cycle.

Of course I write tongue-in-cheek, but upon closer examination there might be more here than meets the eye.

According to Gov. Palin’s optician she selected her now-famous frames from hundreds of choices. (I’ve worn glasses almost my entire life and know what a difficult decision this is!) After much searching she selected just the right pair for her—and the rest, as they say, is history.

Once the thrill of the moment passes and sticker shock sets in I imagine many of those flocking to buy Sarah Palin’s frames will regret their purchase. Something about their new glasses will be “off.” Maybe the frames won’t flatter their face shape or size, match their personality, or complement their coloring or hairstyle. Why? Because eyeglasses simply aren’t an off-the-shelf purchase. One size does not fit all. Even Gov. Palin’s glasses were custom-made specifically for her.

Sometimes we do this with our faith. We see movers and shakers in our church, bible study or favorite ministry who appear to have it all going on. They glow under the spotlight and we think they must certainly know or have something we don’t because…well…just look at them. So we not only admire their godly ways, we try to emulate them as well—to “wear” their faith. We might try to copy how they pray or how they have devotions or worship or talk, and so on. But when we do, something doesn’t fit quite right.

That’s because nothing is more one-of-a-kind than our walk with the Lord. While we can learn from our Christian brothers and sisters, we can’t mimic elements of their walk to accessorize our own. To do so is to lose sight of what God wants from us more than anything. Our hearts. He wants us to love Him with a sincere faith that’s custom-fit to our own unique personality, passion, experiences and gifts. Regardless of how popular or trendy it may be in the eyes of the world.

Have you been borrowing someone else’s faith? Do you want to be custom-fit with a prescription of your own? Do you need to fine-tune the one you have? Go to the Jesus, the One who gives sight to the blind. And when He says, “What do you want me to do for you?” respond, “I want to see.” (Mark 10:51)

As popular as they are today, Sarah Palin’s glasses will soon be yesterday’s news. Time will tell whether she will follow their fate. As much of our attention is fixed on who will lead our country come January, let’s remember politicians come and go. In one year, one decade, one century our focus will shift continually from one to the next.

But there is one leader who HAS, DOES and WILL stand the test of time.


As we set our sights on the future, let’s never forget on whom we need to fix our gaze.

By the way, if you add up all the Google hits for all four presidential and vice presidential nominees, both Clintons, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington COMBINED, Jesus still comes out ahead.


Chatty Kelly said...

This was such an EXCELLENT post. I am so glad I found your blog. This one - just right on target.

Thank you.

Susie Merchant said...

Kelli, you hit the nail right on the head - no pun intended!

Runner Mom said...

You go, girlfriend! This post needs to be published...seriously!!

Love you!

Chanda said...

I love this Kelli -- really, really good. He honestly is this personal, this relavant to each person, no matter how awkward the shape of their life may seem at times. He fits just right. Thanks so much for bragging on Him!

Peggy said...

You have just the right words .
God has made each of unique, and He knows every hair on our heads. There is no way that He wants usr to copy someone else, or try to look like someone else.
So true, God is the Alpha and Omega and always will be our King and Ruler. Shall we just pray that His will be done in November.
Shall we always remember to keep this nation under God's rule.
Wonderful words Kelli, and wonderful insites from an extrodinary girl......
Blessings and Love, Peggy

Fran Pasch said...



Dan said...

Headline writers are going to have a field day with this one...

- Public Praises Palin's Posh Pupils
- Conventioneers Cheer as Palin Peers
- Gov's Goggles Have Guys Agog
- Palin's Convention Appearance Creates Optic Allusions
- Dem's First Female Hopes Throttled by Kawasakis

That's all I can think of...anybody else?

Sue J. said...

I don't like following Dan....he's got some great ideas!

Can't get "Made to Worship" out of my head as I read this. "When you and I embrace surrender...then you and I will see what we were meant to be." Surrender doesn't mean surrendering to someone else's spirituality. God wants us to look to Him alone. If He wanted multiple Sarah Palin-goggled ministers, He could surely create that. Obviously, not His intention.

You have captured a difficult thought in a memorable way that clearly explains, yet with such grace! Awesome!!

Leebird said...

My goodness....this is my first visit to your blog, and I'm sold. You are officially on my favorite blog list! T hank you so much for that insightful and absolutely perfectly spoken word picture!

Kelly said...


Send this article to a is super! Very well written.

Donna Teti said...


That was beautiful. You have a gift for taking the daily happenings and showing us God in it's detail.



Cheryl Barker said...

This brings to mind Hebrews 12:2 - "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith..." I'm so thankful we have One we can fix our eyes on who will stand the test of time and never let us down.

And Kelli, I saw the "congrats" comments you left on my blog -- thanks so much!

Suzie Eller said...

Hey, thanks for coming by my blog. I love it when someone takes time to comment. Then I know I'm not just writing into the thin air. : )

I'm also blogging for Momlogic now. Not a Christian site, but a very cool place to be able to connect with women.
I don't know if you are interested, but there are interviews w/authors, really cool giveaways (like 6 DVD's Time Warner is offering right now, and most importantly a strong community growing in a short time filled with friends who are women of faith.

Debbie said...

Sarah Palin ROCKS!!! She is one solid gal! I agree, this post should be published. Maybe you could win a free lunch with Sarah in Alaska (please pick me to go with you!!)

Thank you for sharing Kelli, God is doing an amazing work. He is touching lives through your persistence to follow hard after Him.

Love, Deb

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Personally, I don't like the glasses. But when it comes to giftings (especially as it pertains to kingdom building), I am prone to my envy of others.

Wonderful thoughts.