March 13, 2009

Pray for Us

I wanted to put up a longer post today, but I've preparing for a retreat that my church is holding this weekend and I'm organizing.

This retreat, a Holy Spirit Weekend, is part of the Alpha program (a 10-week course introducing the Christian faith) and it's called the Holy Spirit Weekend. I first did Alpha about six years ago. It was there I met Jesus, and on the retreat (six weeks into the course) I fell head over heels in love.

I'm now involved with running the program at my church (which is a story in itself) and this retreat is my eighth. I guess you could say I'm an "Alphaholic." On Saturday afteroon we have a time of intimate one-on-one prayer. It is without a doubt the most powerful experience with God I, and most involved on the course, have every had. During each retreat I have seen the Spirit move in people in a way that allows them to see Jesus as if for the first time and sets their faith on fire.

I am at a loss to adequately describe this experience, except to say I'm awed that God allows me to be part of such tangible Kingdom bulding, and that I get to share this privilege with brothers and sisters who are so dear to me—especially my husband who is back to Alpha after our first course six years ago.

I ask that you pray for the group leaders—that God fills us and uses us as a vehicle for His glory. Pray for the participants that they come with hearts to receive. And pray for the Spirit to come.


Cheryl Barker said...

Kelli, this sounds like an amazing program and retreat -- and what a wonderful personal testimony you have about it. May God bless you, each leader, and each particpant. May he do mighty things in you all this weekend!

Susie Merchant said...

Kelli, the Spirit is already there. I could feel the wind of his breath in the room last night.

I also pray for the leaders and participants. I pray that the leaders will be filled with the wisdom and holiness of the Spirit today and that the participants open the door to their hearts and embrace the Spirit and all the hope and love He has to offer. Amen.
P.S. I also pray that Dan feels as holy as you at the end of the day and isn't the least bit over-awed by his presence in you. :-)

Dan said...

Folks, we are off to a terrific start. Every mixed well last night, the energy in the room was very positive and the videos are laying a great foundation for what's to come. Continue please to pray for everyone - the leaders, the participants and mostly for Pastor Doug who will really carry the ball today. We have a chance to change lives today - don't get that very often in life!

Runner Mom said...

OOoohh! Kelli! THis sounds awesome! Can I come?

I will be lifting up all of you during this retreat! I pray that you all will experience God's power and might in ways that you never before have!! Let us know how it goes!!

Love you!

Sue J. said...'ve mentioned Alpha before, but you really haven't mentioned how deep involved you were--8th retreat!!?! So many folks who don't know, haven't heard, seeking.....and you get to be a part of that--how beautiful!

Thanks for sharing, Kelli, and I pray that beyond the scope of their retreat, that God will continue to fill your participants with His Spirit to do wonderful things for Him!

Get some rest.... :-) (I know, it's invigorating and inspiring, but that all catches up with you, too.)

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Kelli,

I hope your Alpha weekend was wonderful! You are a faithful servant! We have Alpha classes at our church, as well.


Laura said...

Hey, Kelligirl!

I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to pray for you before your event, but will pray for continued gleanings and lessons that stick!

I just read your interview with Mary DeMuth too. Love her. How awesome to hear from her personally about her writing process, etc. Her books and blog have been a great encouragement to me.

Looking forward to hearing how the retreat went.


Terri Tiffany said...

I'm a little late but can't wait to read about how it went!

Runner Mom said...

Kelli, this sounds absolutley awesome!So glad that you were a part of this wonderful weekend! It was a pleasure to pray for y'all! Thank you for sharing! I'll hop over to the website.

Love you!