November 16, 2009

Book Review: Kabul24

You might say you have faith. But how would you respond if God called you to the mission field…to a country hostile to Christians…like Afghanistan? What if you said yes, and after years of humanitarian work the Taliban destroys it all in minutes…and takes you and your co-workers hostage…and imprisons you in some of the most sqaulid prisons in the country?

Would you drown in a sea of despair? Or would you cling to hope?

Kabul24 tells such a tale. Eight Christian men and women from Western countries and sixteen native Afghanis worked side by side to provide humanitarian aid to Afghan refugees. By feeding, teaching, housing and loving these displaced people, Shelter Now International didn’t preach the gospel, they lived it.

They were peacemakers and problem solvers in a country filled with chaos and conflict. Yet that didn’t matter to the Taliban. In 2001 the Taliban wanted to rid the country of anyone who posed, or seemed to pose, a threat to their rule or Islam. Topping their list was Shelter Now International.

With little warning, the Taliban kidnapped the SNI workers, destroyed their projects, and held them in prisons filled with filth and fear. The SNI Eight, as they called themselves, lived with complete uncertainty about their future. Then the 9/11 attacks occurred and they found themselves behind enemy lines and at the epicenter of the massive Allied bombing raids that followed. Death, at the hands of the Taliban or from Allied bombs, seemed a given.

The SNI Eight lived a daily diet of terror. But in the midst of captivity, they didn’t just survive, they thrived. With an unshakable faith in the sovereign hand of God, they sang, read the Bible, prayed and worshipped in their tiny cells. They lifted each other up and clung to hope that God would deliver them.

Kabul24 is the remarkable true account of faith and hope despite circumstances and likely outcomes. While the writing is clumsy at times, the writers paint a fascinating picture of an Afghanistan you won’t read about in the news and give a fly-on-the-wall look at the Taliban and the Muslim culture—very important insights for the world we live in.

Inspirational, informative and riveting, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kabul24 and highly recommend it.


Peggy said...

Dear Kelli....
Thanks for the review. Looks like a book I will read.
We never know how God asks us to show just how strong our faith and trust in Him truly is.
I'll put this on my reading list.
Blessings and Love....Peggy

Saleslady371 said...

I think all of us need to be educated about the Taliban and the Muslim culture. Sounds like a great book and inspiring too!

Sue J. said...

My biggest problem with current events is that it's hard to get to the "real" truth. The news is so biased.

I'm encouraged by your review, as it suggests we might see a more accurate picture of just what's going on out there.

And it is encouraging to read the response of these captives, as this is not unlike what Paul and Silas did that night in the jail. God gives us these mighty faith stories to use, not just to read.

Runner Mom said...

This does sound interesting...your review is just great! You are such a wonderful writer!

I would love to be closer to y'all! We would have so much fun!!!I actually just got photoshop in the mail today! I can't wait to start playing with it!!

Love you!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

This reminds me so much of Paul during his imprisonment. They're the modern day Paul's!

tiggerdaisy said...

Oh my! This sounds incredibly interesting!

Great review by the way!

Prayers and blessings,