February 18, 2010

Scenes from Haiti - Part 2

This post is continued from yesterday. If you didn't read Part 1 click here or scroll down...

Today (Wednesday) Dan is off to dig latrines in the Haitian Refuge Camp. Please pray for him and his entire team and especially for the entire staff for the Foundation for Peace who are working tirelessly to provide ongoing relief effort to the Haitians in Jimani and Fond Parisien (sp?).

His text to me tonight said:

Good day digging - probably halfway done with latrine ditch -- 8 meters long x 3 meters wide x 3 meters deep. That's 75 yards of dirt to dig and move. Imagine that much mulch delivered to the house! I am totally whipped and we have another day like it tomorrow. Thinking we're about halfway there right now. Much happier day than yesterday which is saying something seeing as we spent the day in a 500-person refugee camp.

Even still, words can only communicate so much. I put together this slide show for the Foundation for Peace's blog with pictures taken them over the past weeks. Take time to watch it because the music and the pictures tell a powerful story.

If you have any desire to go to Haiti--go. The Foundation for Peace is only one of many organizations sending people. I know for a fact that the FFP's trips still have openings. They especially have openings for the Feb. 28 to Mar. 6 trip. You know how I know? Because as of Monday I've just decided to go with my friend Christine! Wouldn't it be great if you joined us! Go to the FFP website and check it out.

Jesus tells us to be His hands and feet. But to be them we need to step outside our comfort into the hurting—whether near to home or far away.

Be blessed...and be a blessing.

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All mission trips require funding. If you'd like to contribute to my trip to Haiti click on the PayPal "Donate" button on the top of the right column. If you can't donate, will you please pray for our trip?


Peggy said...

Dearest Kelli,
How beautiful are the children of God and all those who help.
I can only offer prayers for you Christine and anyone else who choses to go, but know that my love and blessings are with you as it has been with each group (especially Dan as he continues to dig today.
Blessings and Love....Peggy

Sue J. said...

You remain in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing the truth today, and may God bless His hands and feet that are you and Christine, and Dan and his crew, and our crew from New Hanover, and countless others who hear and obey the call to love!

Cheryl Barker said...

Amazing stories all in both posts on Haiti, Kelli. We tend to forget what's going on there until we hear first-hand experiences like this. How wonderful that you got to share such a personal glimpse into Haiti with the prisoners. I'm sure God used you in a mighty way that night.

So thrilled to hear that you are now going yourself. Praying for Dan, for you, and for others who are reaching out in Jesus' name!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Thank God there are those that continue to stand alongside the Haitians in their ongoing struggle to dig out & rebuilt - - literally and spiritually!

Our team was just there, and headed back in April. It makes the saga so much more personal; the needs so much more compelling.


Saleslady371 said...

Bless you, Kelli. I look forward to hearing about your trip. These are great pics.

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Kelli,

Just catching up with all the news about your husband's trip to Haiti...God BLESS him for going! I'm sure he'll come back a changed man. May the Lord protect him and give him great grace.

And God bless YOU as you step out in faith. May the Lord be with you and grant you strength and protection too, Kelli!

Our church is in the planning stages of a trip to Haiti...our 14 yr old daughter really wants to go, but we've been told the situation just wouldn't be appropriate for her. She's heartbroken. We both really want to go and minister to orphans. I'm praying and know that if we're supposed to go, God will work it out.