May 3, 2010

A Parade, A Celebration and Peace for the Journey

I've been in the writing world long enough that I know many women who are trying to write a book. The road to publication is a long, arduous and uphill journey—to put it mildly. So, when one of my friends reaches the summit with a published book, I want to throw her a parade, write her name in the sky or whoop for joy.

This is my e-version of all of those things because today my blog friend, Elaine, released her first book..

I have followed Elaine's blog at Peace for the Journey for some time. In her I've found a compassionate, beautiful, eloquent, spirit-filled and passionate sister in Christ. One thing is certain—Elaine is head over heals in love with Jesus. Through her transparent, honest and vulnerable spirit she ministers to such a wide array of women who read her blog, listen to her speak and sit in her Bible studies.

I am thrilled to share the trailer for Elaine's book. I encourage you to watch the trailer, visit her blog and soak in the breath of life that she offers.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh, you just make me want to cry... OK, I will... just for today. Tomorrow I'll get back to the laundry. You know I've championed your pen for a while now and consider you to be one of the best writers out here. You make me think as well, and I'm always happy to read your heart. I plan on returning the favor with your book once it comes around. It will come around for you... you're just that good.


Terri Tiffany said...

I have to ditto everything you said about Elaine! I know God is really going to use this book in a great way:))

Linda Marr said...

I am crying too -- the trailer is beautiful and so true. Thank you.

Dan said...

OK, enough of the crying, ladies...pull yourselves together!

But, let me say this about that - Elaine, you are my new hero. I write every day for a living. It's never easy, and I'm talking about things like press releases, training manuals, corporate newsletters and junk like that. Writing a book and actually getting it published looks like rocket surgery to me (that's right - the nexus of rocket science and brain surgery).

I join with Kelli and offer a hearty woo-hoo! (Which, when you do get back to that laundry tomorrow, is exactly the sound your washing machine will make just before it breaks.)

Doreen McGettigan said...

Congrats!! The book looks and sounds amazing!

Tea With Tiffany said...

I'm so thankful for bloggers like Elaine. She is a sweet reminder of His peace.

Have a blessed weekend. I'm excited to see God work in other writers. It's all about Him. Yeah!!