August 16, 2011

Traveling Lessons

It's a statistical fact that most young adults turn their backs on the faith of their childhoods. As a parent, do you worry that your kids' faith is equipped for the journey into adulthood? What steps are you taking to prepare them? I'm writing about this today on the Internet Cafe. Grab a cup of coffee and join me there.

I want to thank Harold Camping.

Not because I think the May 21st-end-of-the-world pastor offered much useful information to end times conversations, but because he got people talking. Personally, all the hubbub spurred me to have the “S” talk with my kids.

Not that “S” talk, the other one—salvation.

On separate occasions, I talked one-on-one with my 16-year-daughter and 13-year-old son and asked: “If the world ended today, would you go to heaven?”

Both answered, “I don’t know.”

I followed up, “What do you think you need to do to get into heaven?”

Their responses ranged from “I’m not sure” to “go to church and be a good person” to “believe in God.” Neither of them mentioned Jesus.

Their answers surprised and saddened me since my kids have grown up going to church. When they were little they learned about Jesus at Christian preschool, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Back then they were willing and eager faith participants with whom I’d sing Bible songs and teach simple lessons about God. << Continue reading ... >>


Mom of M&Ms said...

what a grea t post... and an eye opened . My girls are 9 and 7.. and thanks to you, I will be prepared, making sure I keep the talk going.

Sue J. said...

There is so much "stuff" going on in the lives of kids at this age. So many things interfere with the good messages they are in line to receive. I ask a lot of questions about what gets said, and then I fill in as I see appropriate.

The hard part of all of this is that even though talking about salvation is important--especially if that message is not coming through clearly through other means--we cannot make salvation happen for people in our lives.

But, we can pray, and--as I've been reading in Romans 8--we can know that the Holy Spirit is praying and Jesus is pleading on our behalf. We do need to train up with the time and means and heart available. But, we also need to trust God's plan for the spiritual lives of our kids. I think that's the thing that trips me up the most, and keeps me praying through the tears of struggle....