September 11, 2011

You Are Our Hope

Devastation. Terror. Horror.
We sit in the ashes.
Where is our hope?

 The father of lies sneers,
“Look. I have taken away your security and confidence and innocence.
I have taken away your family and possessions.
I have destroyed your foundations.
You cannot overcome the darkness.
All is lost.”

Shock. Anger. Grief.
We stare in disbelief.
Where is our hope?
Death overtakes the light.
But for a moment.
Amid the fires of hell.
We lift our eyes.
Where does our help come from?

Even now.
Especially now—our hope is in You.
In the midst of hell.
We feel the nearness of heaven. 
You are our rock.
Our fortress and our strong tower.
In this storm, and every storm.
You lift us out of the muck.
And set us on solid ground.

You give and take away.
Blessed be your name.
Praise you oh Lord.
You are faithful.
And steadfast.
And true to your promises.

Out of the rubble and the chaos.
Your make beautiful things out of the dust.
You are making us new.
Day by day.
We are broken, but not destroyed.

No one.
No action.
Nothing can take away what You give.
In You, we are victorious.
Praise be to You O God.
Our savior and redeemer.

On 9/11.
In Haiti.
In death, disasters and destruction.
You are our hope.
Today and always.

This song wrecked me when I first heard it in a slide show on Haiti. It's become a favorite. Today a special choir at church sang this song. It was comfort from heaven.
Beautiful Things by Gungor


Anonymous said...

Beautilfully said and that song was very hard to sing because it spoke so much to me. What a magnificent church service yesterday....God is Great !!!! Blessings and Love....Peggy

Denise said...

Only God can create "beauty out of ashes" and turn the "spirit of heaviness" into a "garment of praise" (Isaiah 61:3)

Seeing those beautiful reflecting pools at the Trade Towers site reminded me that only the water of God's Word can heal our hearts.

Beautiful post, Kelli

Cheryl Barker said...

Kelli, I don't think I'd ever heard that song before. Perfect for 9/11...

Sassy Granny ... said...

I've been hearing/singing this song for several weeks now as our Christian radio is giving it LOTS of play. It's also being sung at our church. Powerful; and so fitting for the 9 / 11 remembrance!

We live in the realm of Mt. St. Helen's, and I can attest to the amazing, restorative power of God. What once looked like a lunar landscape was very quickly shooting up little sprouts of life. Today a new forest is well on it's way to reclaiming the ash.

Indeed, He makes beautiful things.