May 13, 2009

This Spiritual Moment Courtesy of Comcast

“Mom!” my son yelled, “The DVR isn’t working.”

“I know, it hasn’t been working for a few days.” I acknowledged.

“Yeah, but American Idol isn’t on tonight until 10 and we have to record it!” (because it's on past his bedtime.)

Oh, no! It’s the final three results show. “I’ll get right on it!” I assured him.

I’ve known for a week the cable box hasn’t been doing its DVR functions. Most of the shows we watch are pre-recorded, so this is a bit of a problem. But, we’ve already had to replace four DVR boxes and I really didn’t want to have to get a new one, especially because all of our recorded shows would be gone (including the last few episodes of 24!).

Ever since I discovered the problem, I’ve done what I could—which honestly isn’t much. I turned the DVR on and off. When that didn’t work, I hoped a technology miracle would occur during the night restoring the DVR to full-functionality by morning. I’m pretty patient that way.

But now, American Idol was on the line! I did what needed to be done all along—called Comcast. After being led down a maze of “press 1,” “press 2,” “enter your 10-digit phone number,” and “please wait.” Finally a real live human came on the line.

After giving her all my information again (didn’t she already have it from the three times I’d entered it?) the helpful woman set to work diagnosing the problem. “Tell me what’s going on,” she inquired.

I explained as best I could and through the wonders of technology she sent a “signal” from her station to our cable box that was supposed to clear up the problem. We waited (and waited) for the signal to “download.”

“What’s happening now?” she asked.

“It’s still not working,” I replied, doubtful that this sending-out-a-signal thing would actually work. Visions of lost 24 episodes, movies and American Idol finals swirled through my head.

Not showing the least bit of worry, she calmly said, “Sometimes these boxes get messed up. Unplug it for ten seconds. I’m gonna go to my supervisor’s desk to send out another signal because it's stronger from there.”

“OK, great. I’ll wait.”

She came back on the line and after many more minutes of waiting for the sending-out-a-stronger-signal thing to fix the problem, I pressed the fast forward button. “Hey! It worked!” I exclaimed. Within a few minutes the DVR was once again functioning properly.

“I can’t believe it worked. Thank you SO much,” I exclaimed.

“Thank you for your patience,” she replied. “Have a great day.”

Wow! That’s how customer service is supposed to work, I thought.

Sometimes our spiritual life goes on the fritz like my cable box did. We function, but only partly. We lose our sense of peace and joy. Discontentment, anxiety, intellectualism, pride, worthlessness or busyness start to take over. When we push “play” on our spiritual life, nothing happens.

We might do what we can to fix the situation, like pray more or turn to Scripture, or we might even ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Sometimes these actions work.

Other times, we need help to reestablish our connection to the Holy Spirit. Help that comes in the form of a wise counselor, mentor or teacher. Help that comes from someone who's already tapped into the stronger signal.

This week God led me to such a person. The words this woman spoke weren’t ones I hadn’t heard before, but she organized them in a way that sounded new. And she spoke them with the power of the Holy Spirit. My soul “received the signal” and her teaching was like a fresh wind that blew away all the mind junk that's been blocking the Spirit in my life. I left her presence repurposed and restored.

It’s hard to reach out for help, but we should not settle for a partially functioning faith. God promises He will pour out His Spirit on ALL people (that means you!). (Acts 2:17) But, the world is filled with defeated Christians who have failed to receive or lost sight of the amazing grace of God. Don't be one of them.

We’re on this journey together, some are further ahead, some are behind. Where are you? Do you need to seek out a wise teacher to help you re-establish your connection to the Spirit? Has God placed someone in your life whom you can mentor? Pray that the Lord leads you to these people.

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” (Matthew 21:22)


Carmen Gamble said...

Hi Kelli,
Loved your title and really enjoyed your post! I'm with you on AI as well...can't wait for tonight!

ComcastCares1 said...

Thanks you for sharing this post. I truly enjoyed reading it!

I am also happy to know that your DVR is now working. I would like to help in making sure that you won't experience the same problem again with your DVR. I work for Comcast and I can reach out to my contacts to have the problem looked into.

You can send me an email (including the phone number on the account) if you are interested in my assistance.

God Bless,

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Laura said...

What a great analogy! I just received the new Newsboys album for my mother's day gift and there is a song on there about calling customer service. the line is, "if everybody talked like my friend Jesus"...You just did! Sounds like you handled your cable box situation with grace!

so glad you had a "real life" situation that hooked you up too!


Chatty Kelly said...

Not only do I love this post, but I am freaking amazed that the Comcast person left you a comment. WOW - makes me proud to be a comcast customer!!!!

I loved the analogy. I am looking forward to meeting you in August! Can't wait.

Alexis said...

Great entry.
Its true we often need more signal
and plugging into the right provider is the most important part. When you do, you should always get great service.
Go Danny Gokey!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I spent time on the phone today with my mentor of sorts; I've always wanted one. When she entered into my life about a year ago, we immediately connected. She lives in CA; me in NC. We've never met face to face, but we're deeply connected through the power of the Holy Spirit. Sounds strange, I know, but she's one of the richest friendship I've ever known.

When I ask for help, she's quick to oblige despite her ongoing struggle with cancer.

Some days we all just need to unplug ... wait ten seconds ... and replug. Sometimes, it's just as simple as that.

Now, on to AI elimination tonight! And heaven knows, we can't lose one episode of Jack!!!


Runner Mom said...

I was totally impressed that Comcast read your blog and left a comment! How cool is that? I was watching Biggest Loser last night, so I know where you're coming from!!

I love this, Kelli! I need a spiritual mentor so much! I have wonderful Chrisitian ladies around me, but ...I know I really need. I'm going to pray about this. Don't know why I haven't before!!

Have fun tonight watching AI.

Julie Gillies said...

Great post, Kelli.

I love how God used a stranger on the telphone to blow His fresh wind into your life. I LOVE how God SO has our number. HE knows when we need a strong signal and He does our part when we do ours.

And how cool that Comcast commented here. You just never know who might read your blog. :)

Greg C said...

I am so glad I popped over here from Kelly's blog. Talk about an uplifting post and an interesting one as well. I saw the comment from Comcast and I have to say I am amazed. It's simply Comcastic.

Terri Tiffany said...

I've missed your posts and was so happy to see and read this one. It was meaningful to me and well-written as always! Thank you!
And how about that AI?? I was shocked!

Susan S said...

Not that I missed the point of your post, but I think I might just enter the last century and go get a DVR! (How radical)

Sue J. said...

We have TIVO, but nothing is foolproof! My daughter managed to cancel my season pass for AI and I lost the rock episode a week ago!!
(Not completely surprised by last night's results, though I will miss Danny. He was my favorite. I'm a 24 viewer as well....I do have a source for lost episodes if you ever lose your "elfin magic" again.)

As for the Holy Spirit, He is amazing! He works in us; He works in anything! When we are able to see that it truly is the Spirit at work--wow! What a faith recharge! Sometimes, it's because we are seeking in earnest. But other times, it's because we're clearly experiencing "technical difficulties," and God wants to re-establish clarity of reception if not altogether help us "get with the program."

Nice analogy, Kelli!

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