January 17, 2010

Book Review: Jesus Lives by Sarah Young

This is the first gift book I’ve reviewed and it was a lovely change of pace from some of the denser non-fiction entries of late. Jesus Lives by Sarah Young is a follow up to her popular Jesus Calling devotional.

In Jesus Lives author Sarah Young provides 180 topical devotionals exemplifying Jesus' presence in your life, giving insight and wisdom, and bringing to light the truth of Romans 8:11: The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you!

Sarah writes Jesus Lives through the voice of God. Each entry features an aspect of faith or truth as spoken through Jesus’ perspective. She writes to bring the reader into a closer relationship with our Savior. As a result, each devotional feels like a heavenly embrace. It is a lovely read, filled with encouragement, insight and wisdom.

Devotionals speak to our spirit in very personal ways. I enjoyed reading Jesus Lives, but I very much wanted it to resonate deep within my soul and it did not. I found Sarah Young’s God-centered point of view difficult to embrace. I recognize that others may love this about her book. Like I said it’s personal.

Sarah Young vividly demonstrates her passion for Jesus in this lovely gift book. It is extremely well done and at some time in the future I plan to revisit it. As an interesting coincidence, I received Sarah Young’s first devotional, Jesus Calling as a Christmas present. I’m finding that this volume is just what my spirit it looking for!

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, I must mention that Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


Terri Tiffany said...

I really enjoy devotionals but find I like the kind best where the author uses a good example of someone in a situation.
Good review:) thank you. Hope you are doing well! I've missed your posts/

Carmen said...

A very useful review! I like things that resonate deep within as well and it truly is personal preference. That was very well put!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I like Jesus Calling as well; I also am walking through Jesus Lives. Where I find the "meat" is when I jump off on one of the corresponding Scriptures and read it contextually, absorbing God's Word into the story.

Always a good way to start my day...


Julie Gillies said...

Hi Kelli!
Yet another "Jesus Calling" fan chiming in here. :) If it's anything at all like that one, I'd enjoy it. I love how it's written as if the Lord Himself was speaking to us.

Have a wonderful week, my friend.