July 13, 2010

Can't You Just Carry Me?!

Today marks my first appearance on Internet Cafe Devotions. I've been a fan of the Cafe since I started blogging and am thrilled to now be part of their devotion team. I'll be serving up my usual fare over there about once a month. I hope you stop by the Cafe and savor their delectable inspirational offerings.

“To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.” (1 Peter 2:21, NIV)

I love adventures.

This spring my husband and I backpacked from the North Rim to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on a four-day trip. To make life easier, we selected a company to outfit and lead us. They took care of everything—gear, itinerary, permits and food. Best of all they provided us with Jeremy, our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide.

Jeremy and I in the Grand Canyon
From our first steps into the Canyon to our last steps out of it, we followed Jeremy. When he said, “Go,” we went. We didn’t plan our day or worry what we’d eat or where we’d rest. He took us on side hikes to waterfalls and caves only insiders know about. He prepared delicious meals. He entertained us with Indian lore. And he even bandaged my blistered feet.

We trusted his guidance and relied on him to keep us safe from the myriad Canyon dangers like heat stroke, dehydration, flash floods and poisonous snakes. (During our trip at least twelve people were emergency air-evacuated out of the canyon for physical reasons.)

While our four days in the Canyon were indeed difficult—I had the aching muscles and injured feet to prove it—the trip was far much more enjoyable and enriching because we had Jeremy. Did I mention he even did the dishes?!   Read more...

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Sue J. said...

Great to see you published over there! Guess 'gear up' was more appropriate than "Buck up, little camper," but I'll probably always remember the latter when I see that concept in your text.

I'm pretty sure the Grand Canyon is on our "list". Could be awhile! Maybe Jeremy will be a long-termer at the park! Enjoyed reading his influence upon your trip, and the nice tie-in to our ultimate Guide.