July 27, 2010

Thirty-ish Days of Experiencing God: Days 3-6

I don't want my faith to look like the tree on the right. Do you?
I thought when I posted my last blog entry on a Friday afternoon in the summer I'd hear crickets. Surprisingly I didn't. It seems I'm not the only one in a funk. 

While "misery loves company" I'm happily surprised that so many of you said you, too, were going to join me on my journey: Thirty-ish Days of Experiencing God.

Here's how I've experienced God in recent days:

Day 3: Friday, July 16
Lord, I'm humbled that you used my writing today to touch others. Thank you for helping me rearrange my thoughts from a spirit of complaining and grumbling to one of searching. I saw your presence in the many comments my friends posted on my blog. I saw you in the way you link us together not just in the really great times or the really awful times, but in the in-between times too. We are better together

Day 4: Saturday, July 17
Father God, I drew the short straw and had to get up early to run Mom's taxi. You know I'm not an early riser. Thank you for nudging me to not go back to bed, but to put on my sneakers and join the club of EMEs (early morning exercisers) instead. As Tess and I walked briskly in the only window of tolerable temperatures today, I felt your presence in my beating heart, in the blessed shade you provided, in the fellow EMEs I passed...and especially in the praise music I sang along to on my iPod. How awesome it was to worship with you in this way.

Day 5: Sunday, July 18
Lord, I saw you this morning in the leisurely breakfast with my husband...in the pressed-coffee, the easy conversation and the freshly-baked scones (aka, the bread of life). Thank you for this time to just be and to be together. 
     Thank you for safely bringing home the group of teens and grownups from Bahamas mission trip and for their great experience there. I saw you shining brightly in their stories—your glory reflected in their eyes and their smiles. Through their comments: "It was unbelievable...It was life-changing...I am so charged up and revived...it was the best trip ever...I can't stop talking about it," I saw your transforming Spirit at work. I thank you for this witness and that you are an up-close God who is alive and active in the lives of His people.

Day 6: Monday, July 19
Awesome Creator, wow! What a wonderful day. The oppressive humidity is gone, the temperature are so much cooler and the sunlight shines clear and bright. How could I not experience you and soak in your presence on such a marvelous day...such a welcome and unexpected relief from the past weeks. Just opening the windows and breathing in the air revives my spirit. 

What surprises me about this exercise is that my thinking is actually changing. I'm not "all better" or shouting from the mountaintops, but in less than a week my mind really is looking for God in each day. I'm more aware and mindful. And I'm looking in less and looking out more. 

Are you with me on this journey? How have you experienced God in these past days?


Kelly said...

Kelli, you always make me smile. Even when it isn't so much the events, but the way with which you share. You are so honest and strong, in your writing and your faith, and it really draws me in.

I'm going to post about how God has been helping me out. Right now. Thank you for your inspiration.

Sassy Granny ... said...

It's interesting, isn't it? One day it's a huge effort to find 5 minutes for a devotional, then a paradigm shift occurs and 24 hours hardly seems enough.

Here's what I know of my experiences with God: there's a running dialogue going on with Him in my head at all times. I don't know when that began, but I know it's been a condition I relish for at least the past 6 or 7 years.

What fun to share your journey, and the profound "aha"s that come with it.


Peggy said...

Yesterday and today were God's gift to us who can't tolerate the heat.
I really feel God close and pray for those who don't stop and see the beauty and love that God shows us each day.
Thanks for putting this one more praise to Him back in my life.
Blessings and Love....Peggy

Kelly Combs said...

Hello friend! Well, I am mightily behind in blog reading. I get into a funk every summer. I thrive on structure, and the lazy hazy days get me down.

I love this idea you have about intentionally seeking God. Very good.

THanks for sharing.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I have experienced the miracles God offers every day and most recently I experienced the birth of my 11th grand child born 7 weeks early healthy and strong.
I was in the hospital room when my stepson coded 2x right in front of me; he was given back to us by a God that would not take another of my husband's son's.
My grand son Dominic was at summer camp and in a freak accident had a 50lb metal pole go through his leg, yes in one side and out the other. The surgeon said it is possible he could lose his foot. When the surgeon returned he told us he witnessed a miracle..the pole went in between a major artery and his bone.
Some would say I am having a bad summer; I say I am blessed.

Terri Tiffany said...

When we take the time to stop and look for him I think we are always amazed at what we find! He is always around us but I know I tend to look and wait for the big things! This week, two retired missionaries prayed for me--I went to bless them and they blessed me even more. God sent them when I needed them!

Tea with Tiffany said...

I absolutely LOVE this. I'm always looking for the little ways God is with me. Journaling prayers is something I do. It helps me so much, especially because I am so ordinary. And most days I lead a quiet life as a married, stay at home mom of two teens. :)

Thanks for opening up your heart so I could be reminded of HIS beauty all around us.

Enjoy your weekend.