August 24, 2010


I have a devotion running at Internet Cafe today. I hope you'll follow me over there. 

It’s an endless summer. One sweltering, sticky day leads to another. Scorched lawns and withered plants gasp for mercy—and rain. Wilted shrubs join in the chorus. As do the pines, oaks, elms and maples.

Some trees stand emaciated and browned as if cursed by an evil Drought Queen. Alive one day, dead the next. With nary a green twig on their branches, there’s no hope of recovering. Soon workers will get busy with chainsaws and chippers to remove the blighted foliage from the landscape.

But only some of the trees have succumbed to the conditions. Many others remain green and vital. Curious, I asked a landscaper friend, “Why?”

He answered, “All plants are stressed by the intense conditions, but the trees that die were probably struggling before the hot weather hit. They didn’t set their roots deep enough so they’re susceptible to disease and can’t get enough surface water to survive.”

As I walked by some corpse-like trees recently I pondered my own summer of spiritual dryness. Will that be me in a short while? And I wondered why? Why do some Christians remain fruitful and strong through extreme hardships and passing years, and others succumb to a seasonal drought? Why does one’s faith keep growing and another’s withers? [Read more...]


Peggy said...

Great words and a blessed way to live. I feel God's living and loving waters so much and you are the the one who can put my thoughts and prayers to us all. I just want to let everyone know just how Great our God is !
Thank you for doing just that.
Blessings and Love....Peggy

Sue J. said...

A swirl with apathy.... Oh, that's good!! Not good, but really on target, as is your whole piece. I have those plants in my yard. They had started off well, or so I thought. Now, I'm not sure about them. I am hopeful that the "deep" parts are working while the external parts are just appearing ragged.

Just off vacation, and I'm definitely feeling some of what you're describing here. Time to stop for a long drink!

Love the writing, as usual!!


Loved what you said about not expecting our circumstances to nurture us . . . I have to ponder that for awhile.

Thanks, Kelli, for stopping by my blog.


Runner Mom said...

Loved this! Your writing is always such a blessing to me! Thanks for praying for Elaine. I know that she appreciates it!