June 14, 2011

They're In and They're Perfect!

Sorry to keep you hanging! A few of you asked about the grand door adventure and how it turned out. I am happy to report that all went well. The entire installation process went smoothly and we are now the proud owners of new front doors. The front of my house is smiling and so am I. I can't believe what a difference the doors make to the outside and inside of our house.

In the end it was worth the wait and worth the indecision. I am one happy homeowner (and Dan is too).  

Thankfully they are the correct doors! Fresh off the truck and ready to be installed.

What a difference. The foyer is so bright now! (The green in the glass is the grass and foliage.)
After so much indecision, I am SO happy with our choice! And SO happy to be done thinking about it!

What home improvement projects make you happy?


Dan said...

FOR SALE: Used black steel solid double entry doors. Complete with faux brass hardware. Slightly drafty. Very dented. Free to a good home. Inquire at Tullytown Landfill.

Runner Mom said...

I LOVE Dan's comment! He and Craig would get along great!!!! I am loving those doors, my sweet friend! Thanks for sharing.
**almost time for our Peru mission team mtg...only a few more weeks! Pray, please! Love ya!

Susan S said...

I love your doors, I will have to stop by to see them in person. Last year I put decorative window film on the windows on my doors, to look like faux stained glass. It looked dreadful!


Love, love them.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

They look wonderful!

I love renovations, they just bring everything to life. We redid our kitchen last summer and I still find myself smiling at it now.

Cheryl Barker said...

Very nice, Kelli! Enjoy!

Sue J. said...

Oh, the really are you! I just love how they look--inside and out. I'm sure you linger an extra few seconds every time you're in the foyer. (I know I would!)

I really like your new masthead, too. That's excellent!!

We are hanging up kids' artwork, with school ending tomorrow and my family descending upon my house next weekend. It's always great to de-clutter something....

Laura said...

These are so gorgeous, Kelli! *jealous*!

How have you been? Summer is finally here and we are trying to settle in to a new schedule. I think the boys are doing better than I. But *sigh* at least we can sleep in a little now. Well...they can.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog. Keep the devotions coming.