February 26, 2008

Just Say "Yes!"

When was the last time you had a conversation with someone and she (or he) said, “You, know, I wish I had more to do. I’m just not busy enough.” Can’t think of one? Me neither.

Face it, we’re busy. We’re on call, online, uplinking, uplifting, downloading, downsizing, multitasking and multiplying what seems like 24/7. We cram as much as we can into each day and still wish there were more hours to use.

So, what happens when that still small voice of God nudges you to do something more? To do something that adds to your already overflowing “to-do” list? That asks you to take a step into the unknown or unfamiliar?

If you’re like me, your natural response is probably to ignore the voice or to wonder in shock and indignation, “Me? Are you talking to me? Can’t you see I’m kind of busy here? Plus, God, in case you didn’t realize—I don’t have the tools for the job. You’ve seen my resume. I’m not qualified.”

But what if we say, “Yes! Yes, Lord, I will do it. I will follow your leading even though it’s not convenient or comfortable. I choose to trust you.”

This past weekend at the women’s conference at Woodside about seventy women, myself included, got to see what happens. Wow!

What started as an urging in one person, spread to the entire small group and soon they all said, “Yes! Let’s do something big for God. Let’s host a women’s conference.” Did they have prior experience with an event of this sort? No. Were any of them professional speakers? No. Were they bored and looking for more to do? No!

But they heard and believed that God called them to step outside of their hectic lives and comfort zones to “encourage one another and build each other up.” (1 Th 5:11) So this group of ordinary women planned, prayed and pulled together resources to make this idea come to life. And they asked others to join them. Sixteen other ordinary women put aside their busy schedules, stepped into an unfamiliar place and said, “Yes. I’ll lead a workshop on a topic I feel informed or passionate about.” Others said, “Yes, I’ll help where you need me.” Soon an idea became a conference. And a conference became an experience. And in the experience people saw Jesus—with a little skin on him.

Ordinary planners. Ordinary singers. Ordinary presenters. Ordinary women. All honoring an extraordinary God.

I was there and can testify that the day was amazing. Wow! Thank you Heartwarmers for saying Yes!” to God and leading us into deeper knowledge and love of Jesus by your powerful example.

Right now you may feel that still small voice urging you to do something—go on a mission trip, start a small group, volunteer at a shelter, tutor, evangelize, organize, speak, write, lead, whatever—but you don’t think you have the time or feel qualified. Remember, you’re in good company. The Bible and history is filled with ordinary men and women who thought, “Uh, God, I think you got the wrong person. I can’t do this.”

Maybe you can’t, but He can.

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” (Phil 4:13).

Trust Him. Say “Yes!”


Debbie said...


Well this is a subject all us gals especially can relate to. Yes, multi tasking and all those other interesting words you used!! When you look in the Bible, so many of the people God used were ordinary and yet look what happened time and time again when people said “Yes!” to God. Battles were won, Seas were parted, and the miracles go on! When we say “Yes” to God and allow Him to be our Time Manager, it’s amazing what we can accomplish!!

Sweet Dreams, Deb

Katherine said...


I think a lot of people get great ideas and think that they can't possibly do it for fear they may fail or even that they are not "qualifed".

But if God "plants" the idea, He will also equip us to fullfill it.

Thanks for pointing this out.


Peggy said...

Thanks Kelli,
You really know how to get us thinking and looking outside the comfort zone. Yes, there are many times for all of us, that we tend to dismiss that small voice calling us.
We really need to listen and follow His plans, and give Him praise because He wants us to. To step outside the comfort zone is no hardship for our Awesome God, and so it should not be uncomfortable for us either.
Thank you also for expressing for all of us our thanks to the group of awesome women who planned and arrainged the conference for us last Saturday.
See you Friday night.
Blessings and Love, Peggy

Patty said...

Thanks Kelli, very inspiring again. How true, we can do what the Lord has planned, he has showed us many times!!
Lots of Love,

Lizerd said...

Great post, Kelli! I loved your comment on Lysa's blog today about blog ettiquette. You expressed what I was thinking also, so I came over to visit. I look forward to reading more!
Have a blessed day!

Lizerd said...
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