February 11, 2008

Lost and Found

About three and a half weeks ago I lost my cell phone. Now to some people this would be a major catastrophe akin to global warming, but for me it wasn’t a huge deal. Why? First, because I use my cell phone for my convenience and not as a way to be accessible 24/7 (Shocking isn’t it?!). And second, I tend to “misplace” things—valuable things like my purse, my wallet…and my cell phone. But, sooner or later they eventually turn up. Often because said lost object was found and returned by a Good Samaritan. (Like the time someone turned in my wallet found in a shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot!) I am living proof that good, kind people are not the exception.

So, for me, “losing” my phone was SOP (standard operating procedure). I knew it would turn up eventually.

When I realized my phone was missing, I checked its most likely locations. No luck. I looked a little harder. Still no luck. About a week or so later, I extended the search. I checked the car (again), my purse (for the tenth time), coat pockets, the laundry, under my bed (although I did find a book I’ve been looking for!), counters, the laundry room, my desk. I even offered my kids reward money if they found it. Nothing! I reconstructed where I had been and called those places. Nope. No one found it. “Hmmm?” This was odd, even in my unusual world of misplaced objects. I just knew it had to be somewhere.

But after three weeks, the inconvenience of being without a phone finally got the better of me. Last Friday I broke down and ordered a new phone. Fortunately my contract was up and the phone was free*. In a few days a new, pink cell phone with all of the latest technology was promised to my doorstep.

Getting ready for church on Sunday, I put on my cute lime green suede blazer (one that I don’t wear very often). As soon as I took it off the hanger, I knew. “Aha! I found it!” I joyfully shouted. Yep, the cell phone was in the pocket of the blazer (although I never put things in the pocket of this jacket! And I don’t even remember wearing it!)

Patience it turns out would have been a virtue.

Isn’t finding God in our lives like that sometimes? We know He must be there, but we just can’t find Him. Our search is blocked by many things—our schedules, cynicism, intellect, suffering, doubts, fears and feelings. The brokenness we hold on to—even our own efforts. So we look for God in all of the likely places and He remains elusive. And sometimes we go our own way, looking for a replacement. Patience is hard.

But often when our hearts are still and our thoughts are elsewhere, God has a way of showing Himself to us in the most unlikely and unexpected places. And in this moment we joyfully shout, “Aha! I found Him!”

"Be still, and know that I am God…” --Psalms 46:10

*Note: Except for grace, nothing in life is really free. Especially “free” cell phones!
Note: In an amazing coincidence, above referenced cute, pink cell phone was delivered by FedEx exactly twelve minutes ago!


Laurie T said...

You do have an amazing way of seeing big lessons in ordinary events. I love it and look forward to reading more!

Debbie said...

Hi Kelli,

I knew you would fine the phone but you went longer then anyone I know would go without their phone. I admire that!! Thank you for sharing this insight about how God is not alwasy where we think He is. One thing we do know for sure is that He promises us He will never leave us or forsake us.

Can't wait to see the pink phone, but it doesn't match you car!

xo, Deb :)

Tiffany said...

I'm proud to call you family. Love, Tiff

Scott B said...

Way to go Kelli. I've enjoyed your writings so far (no surprise there). This one hit me because I realized the tremendous patience God shows us while we stumble around before finally coming before him. He then is waiting for us with open arms.

Keep it up!