September 8, 2009

Imagine a Life without Fear

You may have heard of Max Lucado. He’s some written books. In fact, he’s such a prolific writer it’s hard to imagine a person exists who hasn’t read something he’s written.

I certainly have, but in recent years have turned away from him in favor of other authors. I might have stayed away if the opportunity to review his new book, Fearless, hadn't presented itself. And I rediscovered why so many Max Lucado books line bookstore shelves.

I figured Fearless would be geared toward people who actively struggle with fear, are dealing with a huge obstacle or who live with a pit of dread anchored in their souls. I think I'm fairly brave, don't have (many) phobias and feel generally peaceful, so I wasn’t sure I’d get much out of the book.

By the end of the first chapter I saw how wrong I was—and how hooked on Fearless I was! Within a few pages Lucado shows that in one way or another ALL of us live with fear and we let these fears dictate our lives, imprison us and keep us from becoming the creations God intends us to be.

It’s human nature to fear, but as Lucado points out, fear causes us to question God’s goodness and strength. It leads us to doubt, makes us hide and turns us into control-freaks. “Fear mismanaged leads to sin.”

And there is so much we’re afraid of. We fear being insignificant, overlooked and forgotten. We fear we won’t have enough money/friends/food/stuff. We fear harm will come to our children or that we won’t be able to provide for our families. We fear worst-case scenarios, the economy, terrorist attacks, the IRS, swine flu and moral decline. We fear the unknown, cancer and dying. We fear letting God down and we fear God letting us down.

Even though Fearless is a quick read, it’s chock full of truth and spiritual nuggets. If I didn’t plan to pass this book on to friends, I would have underscored, dog-eared and highlighted much of it. I might even cut out and laminate bits as well! Each chapter tackles a new aspect of fear, and the way Max Lucado strings together words and sentences leaves me impressed, inspired and enlightened. With every key stroke he points to the source of our strength, the reason we can be brave and our hope in the storm. Jesus.

Again and again in the gospels Jesus says, “Fear not,” “Don’t be afraid,” and “Take courage.” I recommend this book for anyone who wants to do just that.


Kelly Combs said...

Excellent review, Kelli! I really enjoyed it also. Max Lucado barely ever goes wrong. He is a great writer.

See ya!

Runner Mom said...

I love Max's writings!! I get so much from them. I will definitely pick up a copy of this. YOu plugged in some gret nuggets of truth in this post. Thanks so much, my friend!

Laura said...

Max is the best. He makes it so simple and easy to read, yet heartwarming, inspiring, and just so darn practical.

This sounds like a good one.

I'll put it on the list.

Julie Gillies said...

I had not heard of Max Lucado's latest (is this his millionth?) book. But the moment I saw the cover in your post, everything in me screamed, "I've got to read this book!"

I am adding this one to my Christmas wish list, Kelli. And I'm certain my copy WILL be dog-eared and highlited. *smile*

Thanks for an excellent review!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

We were just talking about Lucado at my lunch today with the "ancients"; many of them are reading one of his 99,999 books! He's a great writer; I haven't read this one, but would love do down the road. I find I'm better book collector than reader, unless it's written by one of my favorites. I need to do better...

PS: Loved the picture of the anniversary celebrants on the beach. Truly, a portrait worth capturing.

Carmen said...

Good review Kelli! It looks like you and Kelly read the same book. I think I'll get a copy!

Sue J. said...

I can't really imagine life without some level of fear. But, living that life knowing that God is bigger than any fear I can have--and standing firm in that--is something to strive for. If Lucado is pointing us strongly in that direction, then it's a good read for sure.

You know I'm one of those deep and deeper people. Lucado doesn't always meet that for me. But, with this topic, you pretty much have to go deep to carry off a title as Fearless. (Maybe I can borrow Kelly's down the line....)

Debbie said...

I look forward to reading this book Kelli, so when can I read your copy? Big smile.

Love, Deb

Anthony said...

Hey Kelli,

Great blog and I'm glad I now have another good book of his to read


Tea With Tiffany said...

I am a book reviewer too. Don't you love free books? I'm thrilled to be a part of Thomas Nelson's reviewers.